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Vision Benefits

Plan Info

Enrollment and Premiums

Anthem Vision

**Effective January 1, 2019 Vision will transition to Anthem.

Anthem Vision Plan Highlights

Anthem Buy-Up Vision

Anthem Embedded Vision (built into medical plan- no cost)


In-network, covered-in-full benefits (after applicable co-pay) include:

  • a comprehensive exam
  • eye glasses with standard single vision, lined bifocal, or lined trifocal lenses, standard scratch-resistant coating and the frame
  • or contact lenses in lieu of eyeglasses
  • Enrollment is allowed only as a new hire, through qualifying events, or open enrollment
  • Coverage is continuous unless actively changed



    Enrollment in the vision plan can only be done through open enrollment or with a qualifying event. If you have a qualifying event, contact HR to complete the medical/dental/vision enrollment form.

    2019 Anthem Vision Premiums
    Monthly Biweekly(24)
    Employee $6.93 $3.47
    Employee + one $13.16 $6.58
    Employee + family $20.18 $10.09


    Provider Look-Up

    Website registration is required

    • Track claims
    • Verify coverage for procedures
    • View Explanations of Benefits
    • In-network provider look-up
    • Manage plan ID cards
    • Wellness Video Library


    Anthem Vision Claim Form- Embedded Eye Exam

    *If you are submitting a claim for your embedded eye exam that is included in the medical plan, please use VA2037V001 as the group number.

    Anthem Vision Claim Form- Buy-Up Coverage

    *If you are submitting a claim for your buy-up vision, please use VA2037V002 as the group number.


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