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Vision Benefits


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Anthem Buy-up Vision Plan Highlights (VA2037V002)

Anthem Embedded Vision Highlights (VA2037V001 - provided if you are enrolled in Medical at no extra cost)

**If using the embedded eye exam, you must search for an in-network provider with Blue View Vision. Even if the provider is in-network for Medical, it does not mean they will be in-network for your vision visit. Please reference the below provider directories by location to confirm if your provider will cover your vision visit**

*Some providers may say they cannot locate Blue View Vision in their database. Please reference EyeMed if necessary*


Who is in-network in my area?

Virginia - 22911 & 22903

West Virginia - 24944 & 24954

New Mexico - 87801 & 87111

Finding Care in Network- using Anthem's Sydney App!


Looking for an in-network vision provider? Easiest way is below:

www.anthem.com (Ensure you are logged OUT)

Click Individual & Family, and select Find a Doctor under Care

Scroll down to the third option of “Search as a Guest” and click continue

It will display a page with four drop downs:

1)    What type of care are you searching for?  (Choose Vision)

2)    What state do you want to search in? (Choose your state)

3)    What type of plan do you want to search with?  (Just choose the one value it shows)

4)    Select a plan network.  (This is the most important differentiator in searching as a guest.  It allows you to actually select the network you are looking at.  For vision, the value you select is:  “BLUE VIEW VISION”. This will then bring you to an area where you can type in your zip code.



    Enrollment in the vision plan can only be done as a new hire, open enrollment, or with a qualifying event. If you have a qualifying event, contact HR to complete the enrollment form.

    Vision premiums will be deducted 24 out of 26 payrolls.

    2024 Anthem Vision Premiums
    Biweekly Premium
    Employee $3.68
    Employee + one $6.98
    Employee + family $10.70


    **As of February 1, 2020, retail stores Sears Optical, JC Penny Optical, and Stanton Optical will no longer be in Blue View Vision eye care plans.

    National Brands that are covered include Glasses.com, ContactsDirect, 1-800 Contacts, Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Eyemart Express & America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses.


    If you have not yet created an Anthem.com account, please do so by going to: https://www.anthem.com/

    To access your vision benefits once logged in:
    1. Go to My Plan and choose Vision Benefits

    2. Click on the "view your vision benefit  information" link (this will open new window)

    3. View your benefits (Buy Up is 1016406 option)


    Anthem Vision Claim Form- Embedded Eye Exam

    *If you are submitting a claim for your embedded eye exam that is included in the medical plan, please use VA2037V001 as the group number.

    Anthem Vision Claim Form- Buy-Up Coverage

    *If you are submitting a claim for your buy-up vision, please use VA2037V002 as the group number.


    The claim forms are also available on the Anthem portal - Support - Forms - Blue View Vision Out of Network Claim Form. Submit online through your portal or send it to oonclaims@eyewearspecialoffers.com.