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Visitors to NRAO must complete the Visitor Registration Form prior to arrival. Visitors include, but are not limited to:

  • Students (summer, fellows, student helpers)
  • Adjunct Scientists
  • On-site Interviewees
  • Retiree Associates

Visitors must complete the following at least two (2) weeks prior to date of arrival (international visitors allow three weeks):

Visitor’s Sponsors (an Observatory employee or Emeritus staff) must complete or ensure the following is completed prior to the visitor’s arrival date: 

  • Non-employee Resources Access Form on behalf of visitors to request access to NRAO resources like computers, journals, email, and door keys and have it approved by an Observatory Assistant Director and them submitted to the Help Desk. Please contact the local Information Services division with any questions.
  • Ensure the visitor has successfully completed Denied Party Screening
  • Visitors granted computing and/or building access with appointments of three (3) months or greater may be required to complete a policy acknowledgement, an anti-harassment training and/or SANS online security modules within the first month of their appointment.  The sponsor is responsible for contracting the appropriate representative to launch each process.  See details below and table of requirements by appointment type:
    • The sponsor must contact the department’s administrative support staff to launch the sign-off process.  Signed forms are to be retained with the sponsor’s department records. 
    • In accordance with Policy, Anti-harassment Training is required for visitors: The sponsor emails their local HR representative with the visitor's email address and appointment details.  The visitor will be added to the appropriate training module at the first of the month after their arrival and they visitor will have 30 days to complete the training.
    • On-line CyberSecurity training (from SANS) - All visitors with appointments of 3+ months in duration, and computing access will be required to complete the Non-Employee SANS Security Training, which increases security awareness on topics including Email and Phishing, Passwords, Malware, Data Security, Working Remotely and Browsing Safely.  To request SANS training to be assigned to a visitor/non-employee please email cybtrain@nrao.edu.
  • If the visitor will receive a stipend, ensure the visitor has signed and returned required direct deposit and tax documents to AUI’s Accounts Payable (accountspayable@aui.edu).
  • If the visitor need U.S. Visa support, please reach out to your local HR Representative. 


Utilization of NRAO resources is governed by the Acceptable Use Policy.


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