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Windows 10 Printing Guide

Windows 10, Print, Printer File Server

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Currently Available Printers

LocationPrinter File Server NameAvailable Printers
Edgemont Road cv-er-printa Charlottesville ER printers
NTC cv-ntc-printa Charlottesville NTC printers
Green Bank gbpsb Green Bank printers
New Mexico
AOC aocpfsa AOC printers
VLA vlapfsa VLA printers

Basic Windows Printing

Press Windows button-R (the Windows key and the R key at the same time).

Type "\\PrinterFileServerName" (for example, "cv-er-printa") in the "Open" box and click OK.

Right-click on your printer of choice, and select "Connect."

This will bring up the "Windows Printer Installation" window, and Windows will attempt to install your chosen printer's drivers.

A second window may pop up, asking "Do you trust this printer?" If it does, click the "Install driver" button. You may need administrative privileges to complete this step; if so, please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

When the process completes, from now on, when you select the "Print" option from a document, the printer you added should appear in the "Printer Name" drop-down menu.


Select a Default Printer

To choose a default printer, click Start-Windows and then Settings button.

Go to Devices > Printers & Scanners > select a printer (e.g., "aoc213 on aocpfsa") > Manage.

Then select Set as default.


Add Additional Printers

To add additional printers, simply follow the instructions above under "Basic Windows Printing" repeatedly to add as many additional printers as you wish.

You can only have one default printer, however.