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Internal Committee

Observatory Science and Technology Council

The main purpose of the NRAO Observatory Science and Technology Council (OSTC) is for the senior management of the NRAO to obtain advice and feedback from representatives of the scientific staff. It is also intended to provide a mechanism for effective dialog on issues of significant concern or relevance to the Scientific staff and/or the senior management of the NRAO, including recommendations to the AD: SSR and/or NRAO Director.

The OSTC advises and reports to the Director, and is Chaired by the Assistant Director: Science Support and Research (Lewis Ball). The membership of the OSTC includes scientific staff members with a broad range in scientific and technical expertise.

OSTC Members (Dec 2017)

Jim Braatz Charlottesville, Site Representative Dec-18
Rachel Friesen
Charlottesville Dec-19
Scott Ransom
Rich Bradley
Charlottesville, CDL Dec-18
Bill Shillue
Charlottesville, CDL
Ryan Lynch
Green Bank Observatory
Bryan Butler
Socorro Dec-18
Chris Carilli
Claire Chandler
Socorro Dec-18
Amy Kimball
Socorro, Site Representative
George Moellenbrock
Charlottesville Dec-18
Urvashi Rao Venkata
Socorro Dec-18

For more information see the complete OSTC Terms of Reference