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Use the Help Desks

ALMA Help, Observing Help, Account Registration, MIS, Web Help, Business Office

See also: Computing Contacts, Reporting a Possible Security Breach

Observing Help Desks

NRAO Observing Help

To utilize the Observing Help desk you must have a MY NRAO account. Please visit Account Registration to fill out a very brief registration form.

NRAO Help Desk support staff access.

ALMA Observing Help

The ALMA-wide help desk requires an ALMA account. Please visit the ALMA Account Registration form.

ALMA Help Desk support staff access.

Web Help

Web software is supported through the Open-Jira issue tracking system, but for operational issues, staff should raise issues through the Info Services help desk (see below, "General Computing").


    Info Services Help Desk

    Site or TopicWebActionE-Mail @nrao.edu
    General Computing All Sites




    Business/MIS Computing (ESS/ETK/P2P/JDE)




    CV Non-Computer Business Services




    GB Dynamic Scheduling




    Help Desk User Guidelines

    • Simplest: send an e-mail with a reasonably good subject line and a summary of what help you need to the appropriate e-mail destination (see table above for links); or
    • More detailed: use the appropriate Submit link in the table above and enter more detailed information, e.g.:
            • Operating System
            • Area (hardware, software, printing, etc).
            • Your idea of priority for the request/problem.
            • Whether the details are public or private.
            • Who (among us) you'd like to work on the problem.
      You can also keep up to date on the status of your (and other) help desk requests via the Track links in the table above.

    Some notes:

          • New Mexico General Computing covers DSOC, VLA, and VLBA;
          • CV General Computing covers for Edgemont Road, NTC, and AUI;
          • Don't panic: if you accidentally put in a help desk request in the wrong place, we'll almost certainly forward it expeditiously to the correct one.
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