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The mission of the Fiscal Office is to support the NRAO Observatory by providing prompt, reliable accounting and payroll services; ensuring accurate financial information and reports are readily available; coordinating external audits; and contributing to the control environment through the development of financial applications and dissemination of information regarding applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Luther Lau – AUI Chief Financial Officer llau@aui.edu phone: 202.462.5282

Jack Tade – AUI Controller jtade@aui.edu phone: 202.462.5284

Brenda K. Murphy – Accounting Manager bmurphy@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2313

Lisa Irvine – Payroll Manager lirvine@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2268

Payroll Inquires:

Monthly and Bi-weekly payroll – all processing in Green Bank

o Lisa Irvine - lirvine@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2268

o Christy Sharp - csharp@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2222

Fixed Assets:

All fixed assets

o Nancy Ortiz - nortiz@nrao.edu phone: 575.835.7444

Green Bank

Accounts Payable: (including Charlottesville and Green Bank)

o Sarah Gibson - sgibson@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2352

o Sherry Turner - sturner@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2172

Travel Reimbursement: (including Charlottesville and Green Bank)

o Sarah Gibson - sgibson@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2352

Credit Card Payment/Reconciliation: (Observatory)

o Sarah Gibson - sgibson@aui.edu phone: 304.456.2352


Accounts Payable:

o Cynthia McWhorter - cmcwhort@aui.edu phone: 575.835.7374

Travel Reimbursement:

o Nancy Ortiz - nortiz@nrao.edu phone: 575.835.7444



o Pablo Vidal – pvidal@aui.cl phone: 56 222109604

Payroll Inquires:  LSM payroll Chile process & time keeping control

o Mirta Araya – maraya@aui.cl phone: 56 222109625

o Maria Josè Machuca - mmachuca@aui.cl phone: 56 222109611

o Katherine Cabezas - kcabezas@aui.cl phone: 56 222109624

Accounts Payable:

o Camila Vergara – cvergara@aui.cl phone: 56 222109616

o Carolina Colombo - ccolombo@aui.cl phone: 56 222109612

Travel Reimbursement:

o Aaron Chavez – achavez@aui.cl phone: 56 222109621


o Luis Dominguez - ldomingu@aui.cl phone: 56 222109607

Credit Card Payment/Reconciliation:

o Camila Vergara - cvergara@aui.cl phone 56 222109616

C&P & Fixed Assets:

o Hugo Bastias - hbastias@aui.cl 56 222109623

o Josè Diaz - jdiaz@aui.cl 56 222109615

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