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Visitor Registration Form

To allow for coordination of requests, please submit the completed form at least two weeks prior to date of arrival;  international visitors should allow three weeks. To request access to resources, sponsors should complete the Visitor Resource Request form.

If you are in need of an official NRAO invitation in order to apply for a U.S. Visa, please contact: Invitations@NRAO.edu

If you are visiting any of the NRAO New Mexico sites, please go the NRAO-NM Visitor Registration form. Otherwise, continue completing form below.

For questions regarding this form contact the Import/Export Compliance Office via phone at (434)-244-6817 Mon. - Thu. 7:00am - 5:30pm EST, or via email to the DPS Compliance Office at NRAO.

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment for our employees, visitors, and guests, and has adopted a Code of Conduct that includes prohibitions against discrimination and harassment of any kind, including sexual harassment. Learn more at http://go.nrao.edu/conduct.

If not a U.S. citizen, are you a U.S. permanent resident (you hold a Green Card)?
Residence of Record Information
Birth Date Information
Purpose of Visit
Purpose of Visit   (Required) Select the option(s) that describe the activities with which you will be involved during your visit to AUI/NRAO/GBO. Mark all that apply.
Location of Visit
AUI/NRAO/GBO Facility   (Required) Select the AUI/NRAO/GBO facility or facilities you will be visiting. If you are visiting any of the NRAO New Mexico sites, please go the NM Visitor Registration form, located here: https://science.nrao.edu/about/socorro/nrao-nm-visitor-registration. For an offsite NRAO-sponsored event, select "Offsite" and enter the event location in the text field below. Mark all that apply.
COVID-19 Vaccinations
In order to protect our staff and visitors from the COVID-19 virus while visiting our facilities, site visitor access registration requires that all visitors must be vaccinated against the virus and up to date on boosters. Please note that failure to respond may result in a delay or cancellation of your visit. Do not provide paper or electronic copies of your vaccination record. Please provide following information regarding the date of last shot and vaccine brand:
/ /  
COVID-19 Boosters If your Pfizer or Moderna vaccine was completed over 5 months ago, or your Johnson & Johnson vaccine was completed over 2 months ago, please confirm that you are up to date on the booster vaccine and provide the date of booster:
Booster Date:
/ /  
Visit Date(s)
Visit Start Date   (Required) Enter the date and time for the start of your visit to NRAO. If the time is not specified, leave that part blank.
/ /   :
Visit End Date   (Required) Enter the date and time for the end of your visit to NRAO. If the time is not specified, leave that part blank.
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