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For detailed information regarding data processing refer to the CASA and AIPS documentation pages.  The following information addresses details specific to executing CASA or AIPS at the NRAO.


To start the current release version of CASA, type


CASA derivatives, such as plotms or the viewer, can be started outside of the casa session, by typing

- 'casa' defaults to the latest CASA public release version that does not have the pipeline bundled.
- 'casa-vla' and 'casa-alma' default to the latest pipeline production versions of CASA for VLA and ALMA respectively. Production version refers to the CASA version that is bundled with a pipeline version.


To start the current release version of CASA with integrated pipeline tasks, type

See the CASA pipeline webpage for more details.

To see a list of other available CASA versions, type:

casa -ls

to start one of these versions, type casa -r <version>, where <version> is the release number as it appears in the list. For instance, to start casa 6.5.2-26-py3.6, type,

casa -r 6.5.2-26-py3.6

See CASA Guides or CASA Docs for more information.


When your account (nm-* or cv-*) is created, the necessary files to execute AIPS are also made by default. Therefore, to run AIPS on a cluster node, type

aips tv=local

If you need to manually set up your own AIPS data areas, do the following:

cd /lustre/aoc/observers/<account> # or wherever your Lustre area is
mkdir AIPS_1 # Create the directory touch AIPS_1/SPACE # Make an empty lock file (required)

Then add your data area to the ~/.dadevs.always file:

echo "+  /lustre/aoc/observers/<account>/AIPS_1" > ~/.dadevs.always

The "+" sign MUST be in the first column, and there MUST be exactly two spaces between it and the leading slash in /lustre.

If you need additional data areas, the first character must be a "-" sign like so

echo "-  /lustre/aoc/observers/<account>/AIPS_2" >> ~/.dadevs.always

This is because Disk 1 is special in AIPS as it contains the SAVE/GET files, the TGET file, the message file, command line history, and more.

NAASC (cvpost) only

There are six public areas on both NAASC and CV Lustre pre-defined in the standard data area list (DADEVS.LIST.VCOARN), all under:


So you can include these in your AIPS session by, e.g., specifying

aips da=CV


aips da=NAASC
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