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High Altitude Exam

Electronic Time Keeping

Performance Evaluation Process

Relocating to Chile can be a stressful process. Relocation Coordinator will assist you with all of your relocation questions and ensure a smooth transition.


For more information, please visit the Relocation policy here.


A high altitude exam is required for anyone traveling to or working at sites above 3000 meters. This exam ensures no medical conditions exist that would make it inadvisable to work at such elevations.


For more information, please visit the High Altitude Exam Considerations

International Staff who report to an NRAO supervisor will use ETK to enter their work time. If an employee reports to a Chilean supervisor, employee must complete a Paper Timecard.


International Staff members will participate in the annual Performance Evaluation Process (PEP) each year. The PEP launches each October as the formal assessment of performance looking back on the prior fiscal year. For more information, please visit the Performance Management page.



Education Benefits


Home Leave

It is the policy of Associated Universities, Inc. to recruit and hire the best qualified candidate for the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. All employment decisions are based upon the qualifications of each applicant and employee without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, mental or physical disability, or veteran status. From time to time, the recruitment efforts attract suitable candidates from abroad. In cases where the best suited candidate is from outside of the United States, the NRAO will endeavor to sponsor the applicant for employment. Designation of appropriate visas will be determined by Human Resources in accordance with the regulations and guidelines established by the external visa granting authorities.

For more information, visit the Non-Immigration Visa page or contact Faye Giles (fgiles@nrao.edu) or Allen Lewis (alewis@nrao.edu) for assistance.

During your international appointment, AUI will reimburse actual and reasonable education expenses for dependent children (K-12) attending school in Chile.

In addition, Spanish language education courses are available for you and your spouse (up to 80 hours each).

For more information, please contact (sarnold@nrao.edu) or (fgiles@nrao.edu)

Upon completion of your assignment in Chile, NRAO will cover the cost to move you to the next NRAO assignment or to your residence at the time of your appointment.  Please note that should you terminate your employment with NRAO/AUI in Chile during this assignment to work for another employer, you are required to seek relocation coverage from the new employer.  However, NRAO will cover relocation costs that the new employer will not match (as stated in this letter) up to an amount equal to the cost of repatriating you to your home of origin.

Please contact (kprairie@nrao.edu) for assistance.

International Staff are eligible for round trip travel for home leave per 12 months of service between Chile and your home residence for you, your spouse, and your dependent children. This benefit includes reimbursement of round trip airfare and the cost of ground transportation to and from the airport.

Other costs such as hotels, meals, etc. are not included in this benefit.

For more information, please contact (kprairie@nrao.edu).


Foreign Travel Allowances and Reimbursements

ISM Allowances