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Benefit Plans

AUI/NRAO/GBO are committed to offering a comprehensive employee benefits program. If you have specific questions regarding your benefits that you cannot answer here, feel free to contact in the Benefits Office. For a brief overview of our benefits offerings see the Benefits Summary.

*Please note medical, dental, and vision can only be changed with a qualifying live event (QLE) or annual open enrollment. Examples of QLE's include a change in marital status, employment status, dependent status (additions/age outs).

Note: HSA information can be found on the medical, dental and vision benefits pages.


Medical & HSA




AUI/NRAO offers medical coverage through a High Deductible Health Plan.

Employees can elect to enroll in a Health Savings Account or be provided a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (if employer funding is available).

More information here.

Two levels of dental coverage are offered, comprehensive and basic.

Comprehensive coverage includes orthodontia for dependents up to age 19.

Premiums are split 50/50 with AUI/NRAO.

More information here.

Coverage for basic eye exams, frames and lenses. Contacts also covered.

Voluntary, employee paid.

More information here.

AUI offers life insurance, long-term disability (LTD) and Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage to benefits eligible employees.

Basic coverage is provided at no cost to you.

More information here.


Health Advocate


Tuition Plan

COBRA allows former employees and non-eligible dependents to continue their medical, dental, and/or vision coverage for a predetermined period of time.

More information here.

Free help for questions about our medical, dental, vision and HSA/HRA benefits.

Find the right providers and hospitals.Untangle medical bills. Locate eldercare, and support services. Secure second opinions. Navigate your insurance plan. Get help explaining conditions or treatments

No cost to you.

More information here.

Free program offered through REACH for all AUI/NRAO employees and their families.

Counseling, parenting and eldercare assistance, financial planning, legal services, pet services, etc.

No cost to you.

Call 1-800-950-3434 for a free, confidential consultation.

More information here.

The Employee Education Assistance Plan (Tuition Plan) provides educational benefits for eligible staff members to pursue accredited degree programs.

Must apply for acceptance in program prior to submitting requests for funding.

More information and forms available here.

Additional Benefits

Holiday Schedules



Family Medical Leave

Who is eligible? What does it cover? How am I paid? Answers for employees and supervisors

Commuter Benefits

Voluntary pre-tax deductions from payroll to pay for qualifying vanpool, metro, and parking expenses.

AUI Scholarship

Annual scholarship program for high school seniors of AUI and NRAO employees. Announced in the fall of each year, typically by October 1st.


Summary Annual Reports

Summary of annual benefits audits

Employee Benefit Summary

Benefit Program Summary gives general information about our benefit plans

Benefits Eligibility Matrix

Employment categories and their associated benefits programs.

HIPAA Privacy Notice

Notice of your rights to privacy and how the plan can use your protected healthcare information

AUI Comprehensive Medical Insurance Plan Document

Document regulating Associated Universities, Inc.'s employee and retiree medical plan administration. Plan definitions, eligibility, funding, COBRA and HIPAA requirements, claims and appeals are covered

Wrap Plan Document

Document regulating AUI's benefit plan definitions, eligibility, funding, COBRA and HIPAA requirements, claims and appeals are covered.