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Hiring Managers Toolkit


The following guide will help NRAO hiring managers navigate the hiring process.

By following this process, the NRAO can ensure consistent and transparent hiring process where the best applicants are selected.



Initiating Approval for a Job Posting

  • Review current staff’s job duties
  • Meet with budget officers to determine labor money available
  • Authorization to Recruit (ATR) Must have job description submitted along with ATR for full approval. (See steps below)  

Recruit and Hire

  • HR creates Internal Announcement – local email announcement or Observatory-wide email announcement
  • Posting to the NRAO Careers page (Halogen); HR driven
  • Search Committee (refer to sections 8 and 9 of the Recruitment Guide)
    • Chair
    • Committee members
      • Composition (Recruitment Guide)
      • How many?
        • Key management, at least five
        • Exempt, up to five
        • Non-exempt, up to three
    • Charge
    • Committee Members must complete Implicit Bias Training prior to reviewing applications. Contact your local Human Resources representative to schedule the online, interactive training.
  • Assessment of internal applicant pool
    • If no qualified internal applicants, coordinate advertising plan with HR
      • Hiring Manager –Indicated disposition of unqualified applicants (In Halogen portal, indicate why applicant not selected)
      • Regret notice (in-person or personal phone call highly RECOMMENDED) – coordinate with HR
  • External Advertising
  • Access applicant pool
    • Disposition unqualified applicants
    • Regret notices can be sent directly from Halogen – coordinate with HR
  • Select candidate to interview
  • Selection
    • Hiring Recommendation
      • Classification (for open rank postings) and pay rate
      • HR Compensation review; Hiring Manager consults with HR.  HR will approve salary recommendation.
    • Reference Checks
    • Let the candidate know that you will be checking references
    • For a more technical assessment, the Hiring Manager should conduct references
    • For a more character based assessment, Human Resources can assist with references
    • Offer
    • Verbal offer coordinated with HR.  Written offer drafted and sent to candidate by HR with review by Hiring Manager.
      • Verbal offer
      • Written Offer
      • Acceptance
  • Update the status of applicants and candidates in Halogen
    • Disposition unsuccessful candidates
    • Regret notices can be sent directly from Halogen however if candidates have been to an onsite interview; consider a phone call before sending the regret notice – coordinate with HR.

Prepare for Your New Employee

Complete “punch list” at LEAST a week before the new employee begins work

Initial Orientation

On boarding

  • Quarterly event
  • 30, 60, 90 New Hire Interviews at each respective sites (HR will help with this)