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COBRA Continuation Coverage

COBRA benefits are administered by WageWorks (Health Equity). Additional information is provided below.

2024 COBRA Premium Schedule

General Information What is continuation coverage?

Federal law requires that most group health plans (including NRAO's Plan) give employees and their families the opportunity to continue their health care coverage when there is a "qualifying event" that would result in a loss of coverage under an employer's plan. Depending on the type of qualifying event, "qualified beneficiaries" can include the employee covered under the group health plan, a covered employee's spouse, and dependent children of the covered employee.

Continuation coverage is the same coverage that the Plan gives to other participants or beneficiaries under the Plan who are not receiving continuation coverage. Each qualified beneficiary who elects continuation coverage will have the same rights under the Plan as other participants or beneficiaries covered under the Plan, including open enrollment and special enrollment rights.

How is continuation coverage offered?

The NRAO has contracted with WageWorks to administer its COBRA Continuation program. If you or a dependent has been affected by a "qualifying event" that results in loss of coverage, notify your human resources representative. You will be sent information for continuation of your coverage in the mail from WageWorks. Please fill out and return this form directly to WageWorks. You will have 60 days to make your elections, backdated to the loss of coverage date. Coverage may continue up to 18 months (dependents can receive up to 36 months of coverage if they lose dependent eligibility, employees divorce, death, etc.).

COBRA Administration


COBRA coverage is administered by Wageworks.



2024 COBRA Rates(Billed Monthly)
Medical -HDHP/HSA Employee only $813.58
Employee + 1 $1,627.18
Family $2,400.08
Dental (Comprehensive)
Employee only $40.60
Employee + 1 $81.13
Family $119.37
Dental (Basic) Employee only $28.27
Employee + 1 $56.57
Family $83.19
Vision Employee only $7.51
Employee + 1 $14.24
Family $21.83