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Health Advocate

Health Advocate is a special benefit paid for by AUI for benefits eligible staff to help you and your entire family navigate the healthcare system and maximize your healthcare benefits. All benefits eligible employees are eligible. Their comprehensive service will help you with clinical and administrative issues involving your medical, hospital, vision, dental, pharmacy, and other healthcare needs. For more information, please see below.

If you need any assistance, please contact your local HR representative or Sarah Arnold or Peter Culver in the Benefits Department.


Plan & Contact Information


Authorization Form

Customer Service:




Home Page:

www.HealthAdvocate.com (When you click Member Login, it will direct you to AUI's webpage)


https://blog.healthadvocate.com/ (Resources, articles, etc.)

Upcoming Webinars:



 Health Advocate FAQ's

Health Advocate Brochure

Prior to calling Health Advocate for assistance in correcting a claim, please  review and complete the below authorization form. Health Advocate requires an authorization form to be completed in order for an advocate to speak on your behalf.

Authorization Form


If you are calling for assistance in finding a provider or to request basic information, you will not need to complete an authorization form.