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Tuition Assistance Program


Official Plan Document

The educational programs supported by NRAO are those that are a part of an approved degree program and can be expected to enhance an employee's professional skills and/or contribute to the employee's career growth within the organization. This document sets forth the entire Plan.

Degree Program Application

Employee Education Assistance Degree Program Application

Reimbursement Form

Undergraduate and Graduate Status Students Use Same Form. Please submit your reimbursement requests to Lindsay Bragg .

Ready to get started?

Please submit the signed plan document, degree program application (including supervisor justification), and an overview of the program/tuition rates to Lindsay Bragg .





Questions Answers
Who is eligible to apply for this benefit? All full-time employees who have completed at least 6 months of continuous service are eligible for this benefit.
What expenses does the plan cover? The plan covers up to $5,250 per year in tuition expenses for qualified degree programs. It does not cover taxes, fees, books, tools, supplies, meals, lodging, or transportation.
Is there a limit to how many credits I can submit for reimbursement each semester? Yes, the plan provides reimbursement up to 9 credit hours per semester (or term), for up to four terms per 12-month period.
Can I receive reimbursement for classes I've completed prior to enrolling in the Plan?

No, classes taken before HR approval are not eligible for reimbursement. This includes classes that are in progress at time of application.

What is the difference between a tuition reimbursement and a tuition advance?

With a tuition reimbursement, you are repaid for eligible tuition expenses. A tuition advance is paid directly to the school for eligible tuition expenses. Please note, you will still need to pay the school for any remaining balance left on your invoice if you choose the tuition advancement option.

Is there a deadline to request a tuition advancement? These are time-sensitive since we pay the school directly. You must submit your request at least two weeks before your school’s enrollment deadline.