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Retiree Medical Coverage (Limited Eligibility)

Planning for the Future - AUI Retiree Medical (Limited Eligibility)

Associated Universities, Inc. continues to offer a retiree medical program for eligible employees. For more information on whether or not you are eligible for the retiree medical plan see below or contact your local HR representative, or the Benefits office.


Non-Medicare Eligible

Medicare Eligible

Am I eligible?

Not all employees are eligible for continued medical coverage after retirement. The plan was closed to new employees and some existing staff on December 31, 2012.


    If two or more of the following questions are true, you may be eligible to continue medical coverage after your retirement.
    • Were you hired by December 31, 2012?
    • Were you 45 years old or older, or have at least 15 years of service, by December 31, 2012?
    • Had you already reached retiree medical eligibility under the "old" rules by December 31, 2012?
    • Will you be enrolled in the active medical plan on the day of your planned retirement?

    To determine your specific eligibility, contact your local HR representative or the Benefits Office.

    Dependent Eligibility

    Dependents are eligible to be covered on your retiree medical plan if they were on your active coverage at the time of retirement and continue to be a "qualifying dependent" per the active medical plan document.

    Retiree Coverage under Active Employee Plan

    If you retire before you are eligible for Medicare you can continue your coverage on the active medical plan in force at the time.

    Currently, you will have the option to continue your High Deductible Health Plan.

    Cost of Coverage

    The cost to continue your active employee coverage will continue at your active premium rate at the time of your retirement - for that calendar year. Each year thereafter your premium will be adjusted with active employee premiums.

    Payment of Premiums

    Retirees who are not eligible for Medicare and continue their coverage will be invoiced each month. The invoice will come from WageWorks (www.wageworks.com).

    Coverage for dental and vision coverage can continue for 18 months after retirement through the provisions of COBRA. You will be required to pay the full cost of the coverage and will be invoiced by Conexis for this coverage as well. Additional information about COBRA and associated premiums is available here.

    As you Approach Age 65:

    When you or your spouse approach age 65, you will need to contact VIA Benefits to transition to our Medicare Supplement Plan. Use the information in the next column to begin that process. 

    Retiree Coverage under VIA Benefits (formerly One Exchange)

    If you retire after you reach Medicare eligibility you will be moved to our Medicare exchange platform with VIA Benefits.

    *If you or your spouse turn 65 while on the Anthem Retiree plan you will need to contact VIA Benefits prior to your Medicare effective date.*

    VIA Benefits provides counseling and enrollment services for Medicare supplement plans, Medicare drug plans, and some vision and dental plans. AUI provides $200 per month, per employee and spouse, to offset the cost of this coverage. This money is kept in a Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) administered by VIA Benefits.

    You are encouraged to contact VIA Benefits and Social Security three months prior to your retirement date.

    Helpful Links and Forms

    • VIA - AUI provider of Medicare supplement plans.  855-873-0098
    • Medicare.gov - official government page for Medicare sign ups and information.
    • SSA.gov - official government page for Social Security sign ups and information.
    • Form CMS-L564 - Proof of Previous Employer Coverage (prevents Medicare premium penalty for late enrollment).