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Employee Action Items

What should you be doing during open enrollment?

Open Enrollment Action Items

ALL Employees are required to perform certain tasks during open enrollment. Required and voluntary tasks are outlined below. Questions should be directed to the Help Desk at

  • Medical/Dental/Vision coverage - If you would like to make changes to your medical, or vision coverage, you can do so through the electronic system.  Open enrollment is your only chance to make changes without a qualifying event.
  • Medical insurance changes - You can add dependents and verify their information in the electronic system.  You may not DROP dependents.  If you need to drop a dependent from your coverage please contact the Help Desk.
  • Health Savings Account Enrollment - You can make changes to your HSA at any time.  EXCEPTION: If you are moving your medical coverage from the HRA plan in January, please contact your local HR representative.  You must fill out a hard copy enrollment form to make your own contributions.
  • Dental insurance - Please review your coverage and confirm the appropriate level/dependents is selected.  Confirm you have not mistakenly checked Basic instead of Comprehensive.
  • Vision insurance - Please review your coverage and confirm the appropriate level/dependents is selected. New coverage can be selected online. You can also terminate your vision coverage if desired.
  • Supplemental Retirement accounts (SRA – 403b) - All employees are eligible for the 403b account. There are no age or service requirements to participate. Changes can be made to SRAs at any time. Current annual limits will apply in 2018 unless changed by Congress. $18,000 and $6,000 Over 50 catch-up.
  • Supplemental Retirement accounts (SRA - ROTH 403b) - Effective January 1, 2018 you can contribute to your 403b account on a post-tax basis.  Watch your email in December for more information on these accounts and how to sign up.
  • Personal Information Update - Necessary for NRAO communications. Personal address and personal phone (cell) number(s). Employees must update this information through the ESS portal. Also add or update emergency contact information.
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