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ODI Online Learning

About Online Diversity & Inclusion Learning

NRAO is pleased to offer a number of online courses, designed to offer staff an opportunity to learn more about diversity & inclusion related issues. These courses are provided by Everfi, a leading developer of up-to-date training and educational videos.

What courses are available to me?

All courses listed are available to all staff, by sending an email to odi@nrao.edu. While supervisors and managers are supportive of these learning opportunities, please check with your supervisor if you have any questions about fitting these courses into your schedule.

Note that courses marked with an asterisk (*) are required for all NRAO employees.

To request access, please send an email, with the course titles, to odi@nrao.edu.

How do I report time spent on these courses?

Please use appropriate Infectious Disease Operating Status (IDOS) code.

How do I enroll in the D&I courses?

Please send an email to odi@nrao.edu with the list of courses that you would like to take.

Course Listing

  • Code of Conduct (45mins): Provides a short but powerful message that the organization's code of conduct requires all employees to foster and maintain a workplace culture where everyone can reach their full potential.
  • Managing Bias (20 mins): Bias is very common in the workplace, which can create an unhealthy work environment when left unchecked. This course defines a complex topic in easy-to-understand terms and provides research-backed tools to manage bias in then workplace.
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workplace (60 mins): A diverse workplace must also be inclusive. By focusing on key concepts that shape our world and inform our shared values and shared experiences, this course explores the nature of diversity and provides practical strategies for workplace inclusion.
  • Identifying Candidates (25 mins): This course provides tools for employers to identify the right candidate for the job, while still being compliant with the law.
  • Interviewing Candidates (20 mins): Interviewing Candidates teaches interviewers the skillls and best practices for finding the right candidate while avoiding legal landmines of impermissible interview questions.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for Supervisors: This course trains supervisors to identify and eliminate workplace harassment and discrimination based on protected characteristics, by helping them understand the law, and by demonstrating how to appropriately respond to misconduct. It helps supervisors recognize and address inappropriate behavior before it creates a hostile work environment. It also helps build the skills necessary to recognize abusive behavior and other misconduct, microaggressions, and unconscious bias that may lead to workplace bullying, hostility, and reduced productivity and creativity. This course provides practical tips on creating a safe, inclusive work environment, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention.
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for all Employees: This course raises awareness about harassment and discrimination by explaining the law, and providing insight on how to appropriately respond to and report misconduct. It provides practical tips to help maintain a safe, inclusive work environment, including safe and positive options for bystander intervention, using inclusive language, and avoiding microaggressions. Interactive exercises engage learners with realistic situations, scenarios, tasks, and model strategies for promoting a harassment- and discrimination-free workplace.

Training "Suites"

The following suites contain sets of courses that are either required (*) or strongly encouraged (**) for employees serving in different capacities at the Observatory.


  • Code of Conduct
  • Managing Bias
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workforce
  • Harassment and Discrimination Prevention for Supervisors
  • Identifying Candidates
  • Interviewing Candidates

Employee Diversity Group Members*

  • Managing Bias
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workforce

Hiring Managers

  • Uncovering Implicit Bias*
  • Identifying Candidates*
  • Interviewing Candidates**

Hiring Committee Members

  • Managing Bias*
  • Identifying Candidates**
  • Interviewing Candidates**


  • Managing Bias
  • Diversity: Inclusion in the Modern Workforce


ODI Contacts

Office of Diversity and Inclusion
(434) 244-6896

520 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-2475

Director of D&I

Broader Impacts

- Observatory-wide Lead, and ngVLA BI IPT Lead

Broadening Participation (BP)

- BP Program Manager, RADIAL+

  - BP Student Programs Manager, NAC

Ham Radio Project

- Project Lead


Antonio Hales - Program Manager

NAC Program

, Administrative Assistant

NINE Program

, Project Management Lead

Diversity Programs

Diversity Advocates and Employee Diversity Group Members