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Diversity & Inclusion Education 101 - Society

Our Place in Society - Session 1

An introduction to the many different identities that an individual can simultaneously hold (e.g. gender, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation), and ways in which privilege and unconscious bias can affect our interactions

Preparatory Material

For best results, please review the following materials before the Session.

Diversity Makes Us Smarter

Implicit Bias: The IAT - 5 minute video

Harvard Implicit Bias Test Please take either the Race or Gender-science test (you may take both if you wish)

The Impact of Implicit Bias - 6 minute video

Panti’s Noble Call - 10 minute video

What riding my bike taught me about white privilege - 6 page, blog post

Explaining white privilege to a broke white person - 4 page, blog post

How to Fight your Own Implicit Biases - 2 page, blog post

The Myth and Reality of Meritocracy - 2 page, blog post

Optional readings and videos

Why does John get the STEM job rather than Jennifer?

Unconcious Bias at Work

Implicit Bias - Lesson 1: Schemas - 3 minute video

Implicit Bias - Lesson 2: Attitudes and Stereotypes - 4 minute video

Implicit Bias - Lesson 3: Real World Consequences - 4 minute video

Implicit Bias - Lesson 4: Explicit vs. Implicit Bias - 3 minute video

Implicit Bias - Lesson 5: The IAT - 5 minute video

Implicit Bias - Lesson 6: Countermeasures - 6 minute video

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