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ODI Speaker Series

Office of Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series

Please note that some talks are not filmed or broadcast by the speaker's request.


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2023 Speaker Schedule


Speaker Location Title of Presentation Date
Valarie Bogan & Anja Fourie Webinar NRDZ and Broader Impact Activities (video) January 25, 2023 NRDZ Presentation
Jennifer Bates Webinar Stress and Fatigue (video) February 1, 2023
Dr. Ashley Adams & Dr. Erika Weissinger Webinar From 40 Acres and a Mule to HR 40: Understanding the Struggle for Black Reparations in the U.S. (video) March 15, 2023
David H.F. Dixon Webinar The Historical Boosts & Blocks of American Policy March 29, 2023
Kevin Shoemaker Webinar History and Overview of Amateur Radio (video) April 12, 2023
Gabby Fernandez, Naomi Cruz, & Jenna Redmond Webinar Introduction to Non-Binary Identities: A Presentation and Panel Conversation with Gender Spectrum May 31, 2023
Dr. Steven L. Johnson Webinar AI Bias, Fairness, and Values Pluralism June 21, 2023
Autumn Gillard Webinar The Amazing Nuwuvi Universe November 8, 2023