Diversity Speaker Series 2017

2017 NRAO Diversity Speaker Series

NRAO’s Diversity Speaker Series was established as part of the observatory’s mission to train –and engage- the next generation of scientists and engineers. NRAO is committed to helping to build the STEM pipeline in minority and under-represented groups. As part of that effort, our Diversity Speaker Series is designed to highlight the accomplishments, and perspectives, of a broad spectrum of speakers, including people who may have taken a non-traditional path to their current positions. Some presentations may be primarily directed toward visiting NRAO summer students; other speakers may focus their talks on important diversity-related issues of particular relevance to NRAO scientists and staff. In all cases, the speakers bring important, unique insights to our organization.

Diversity Speakers may visit, and present from, any one of the NRAO sites. In most cases, time will be allocated to allow NRAO staff to meet the speakers, and ask questions.

When possible, talks will be broadcast to all NRAO sites, and recorded, so that those who are interested may view the material when time permits.

With the speaker's permission, each presentation will be available for viewing from the NRAO website.

Note that some talks are not filmed, or broadcast, by the speaker's request.

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2017 Speaker Schedule

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Speaker Location Date
LGBTQ Safe Space Training - Julie Weed - Not recorded CV Feb 1
Diversity & Inclusion: One Should Not Exist Without the Other - Dr. Renee Horton
CV/ALL Feb 8
LGBTA Safe Space Training - Julie Weed - Not recorded SOC/VLA June 20 & 21
Everyday Sources of Bias - Charlie Ebersole, UVA CV/ALL July 5
LGBTQ Safe Space Training - Julie Weed - Not recorded GBO July 11
Achieving Mindful Diversity and Attentive Inclusion in the Astronomical Sciences -Dara Norman CV/All July 11
Bystander Intervention - Dr. Claire Kaplan, UVA - not recorded CV/All July 19
Creating Safe Spaces for LGBT Colleagues - Julie Weed - not recorded CV July 26

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      Lory Wingate - Program Manager, NINE

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