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Diversity Speakers 2018

2018 NRAO Diversity & Inclusion Speaker Series


Diversity Speakers may visit, and present from, any one of the NRAO sites. In most cases, time will be allocated to allow NRAO staff to meet the speakers, and ask questions. When possible, talks will be broadcast to all NRAO sites, and recorded, so that those who are interested may view the material when time permits.

With the speaker's permission, each presentation will be available for viewing from the NRAO website.

Note that some talks are not filmed, or broadcast, by the speaker's request.

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2018 Speaker Schedule

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Speaker Location Date
Moiya McTier CV (no recording)
June 20, 2018
Hakeem Oluyesi CV (no recording) July 5, 2018
Sinclaire Manning CV (no recording) July 10, 2018
Antonio Porras CV (no recording) July 11, 2018
Andrea Razzaghi CV (no recording) July 12, 2018
Suzy Gurton (We Speak Series) - Hand-made Books
CV (no recording) July 19, 2018
Eboni Bugg CV (no recording) July 20, 2018
Sylvester "Jim" Gates CV (no recording) July 25, 2018
Charles Liu CV (no recording) July 26, 2018
Lewis Ball (We Speak Series)  PPT Video "4WD Across the World’s Biggest Island" CV September 18, 2018