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Diversity & Inclusion Town Hall in New Mexico

April 19, 2018

1:30-3:30 PM (MT)



Purpose of Town Hall

NRAO staff members are doing remarkable work in the area of Diversity & Inclusion. Following the recent Diversity review, the panel noted that "D&I are a sincere and vital part of the NRAO as evidenced by their actions as well as their words." The panel, after talking with employees from all sites, noted that our "workplace climate is studied, valued, and responded to."

We all have reason to be proud of the outcome of the Diversity Review, and of the many ways in which NRAO staff champion fairness, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We want to make sure that all staff are aware of the activities and programs that are taking place at NRAO, and to give everyone an opportunity to help guide future activities in Socorro and at the VLA.

At this Town Hall, we will share some of the D&I programs at NRAO, and talk about what diversity and inclusion means for the organization and for each of us as members of the NRAO community. We will hear your ideas for continuing to support D&I efforts in New Mexico.

Who is invited?

All DSOC and VLA staff are invited to attend the town hall. Please register by April 1st is possible so that we make sure that there are enough refreshments and materials to share.


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