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12 Meter Telescope Decommissioning, 2000

After 32 years as an NRAO telescope, first as the 36ft and then as the 12m, the 12m telescope was decommissioned on 27 July 2000. Long-time users joined Tucson employees to honor its long and successful life. Top row from left: Darrel Emerson, Frank Gacon, Dale Webb, Koh-Ichiro Morita, Joan Martin, Andrea Vaccari, Eugene Conner, Tom Morin, Bill Shillue, Jackie Cochran, Jennifer Neighbours, Ernest Kemp, Jeffrey Kingsley, Werner Scharlach, Ferdinand Patt. Ground level from left: Mark Metcalf, Paul Hart, John Payne, C. Duane Clark, Larry D’Addario, Al Wootten, James Schroeder, Jingquan Cheng, Victor Gasho, George Teitz, Robert Freund, George Reiland, David Hogg, Harry Stahl, Simon Radford, Kevin Long, Jeffrey Mangum. (12m-decommissioning-27July2000-1.jpg)
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