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Retirees > Galleries > Charlottesville Gallery > Shing Kuo Pan and Neil Horner, 1983

Shing Kuo Pan and Neil Horner, 1983

Shing Kuo Pan and Neil Horner in Charlottesville's Central Development Laboratory in August 1983, testing a Superconductor-Insulator-Superconductor (SIS) millimeter-wave mixer for the Tucson 12-m telescope. They are in front of the mixer test setup checking the I-V (current-voltage) curve of the SIS mixer on the oscilloscope. At the low-left corner is the square aluminum mixer test dewar. The mixer dewar is cooled by a 4K closed-cycle, JT/1020 refrigerator. On one side of the dewar, above the green tray at the low-left corner, is the dewar vacuum window (white, circular). On the other side (facing toward Pan and Horner) are three bias/monitor ports. (Pan-Horner-CDL-Aug1993.jpg)
Shing Kuo Pan and Neil Horner, 1983
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