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Program Mgmt

Program Management

Welcome to the Program Management Department


PMD Mission Statement

The Program Management Department (PMD) serves as the Observatory resource for program management, project management, and systems engineering processes, tools, techniques, templates and services.

PMD Core Activities

    • Provide industry certified project management and systems engineering services to NRAO, and to external organizations in performance of contracted work.
      • Project Management - A defined set of steps that are used to facilitate performance, measure actions, and control the parameters of cost, schedule, and scope performance for a defined activity.
      • Systems Engineering –A discipline that provides structure and methods to define and organize projects, to integrate activities and ensure that interfaces are correctly identified and addressed, ensures testing of components and systems are completed, manages risks and reviews, and performs configuration management to ensure that design changes are tracked and implemented methodically so the current configuration is always known.
    • Ensure new ideas and statements of work are developed with the appropriate content to ensure the highest probability of successful performance upon award.
    • Provide quality documentation for CSA/SPOs and applicable grants and ensure their timely submissions.
    • Ensure that projects utilize internationally accepted standard processes, tools and templates.
    • Compile and provide visibility into performance metrics for each of the areas shown above.

Please use the buttons on the left to complete the following actions:

    • Submit a new idea for consideration (requires AD approval prior to submission)
    • Request project management or systems engineering assistance on a current project
    • Request project management or systems engineering training
    • Access resources such as a glossary, processes and policies, templates, or the document calendar
PMD Contacts

Program Management

520 Edgemont Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-2475