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External Committees

NRAO/GBO Users Committee

The Users Committee (UC) is made up of users and potential users of NRAO ands GBO facilities from throughout the scientific community. It advises the NRAO and GBO Directors and the Observatory staff on all aspects of Observatory activities that affect the users of the telescopes. This committee, which is appointed by the NRAO and GBO Directors, meets annually.

The membership of the NRAO/GBO Users Committee for 2021 is given below. In 2014, NRAO integrated the ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee (ANASAC) as a standing subcommittee of the Users Committee. Users Committee members who also serve on the ANASAC are indicated, as are the ANASAC representatives to the international ALMA Science Advisory Committee (ASAC).

  • Edo Berger, Harvard University (2021)
  • Ilse Cleeves (Vice-Chair), University of Virginia (2021)
  • Alessandra Corsi, Texas Tech University (2023)
  • Meredith HughesWesleyan University (2023) ANASAC/ASAC
  • James JacksonUSRA/SOFIA Science Center (2025)
  • Melodie Kao, ASU School of Earth and Space Exploration (2025)
  • Jin Koda (Chair), Stony Brook University (2021) ANASAC
  • Casey Law, California Institute of Technology (2022)
  • Laurent Loinard, UNAM (2021)
  • Duncan Lorimer, West Virginia University (2025)
  • Thomas MaccaroneTexas Tech University (2023)
  • Karen Masters, Haverford College (2025)
  • Brett McGuire, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2025)
  • Stefanie Milam, NASA/GSFC (2024) ANASAC
  • Susan Neff, NASA/GSFC (2022)
  • Alexandra PopeUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst (2023) ANASAC/ASAC
  • Erik Rosolowsky, University of Alberta (2023) ANASAC/ASAC
  • Kazushi SakamotoAcademia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (2024) ANASAC
  • Melissa Soriano, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (2025)
  • Kate Su, University of Arizona, (2021) ANASAC
  • Stephen White, Kirtland AFB (2021) ANASAC/ASAC

The Users Committee Charge (pdf).

The NRAO/GBO Users Committee has created a web form to receive comments and suggestions from the astronomical community regarding any aspect of the Observatory’s scientific operations.


ALMA North American Science Advisory Committee

The ANASAC provides scientific advice to the NRAO director on the science operation of ALMA and the North American ALMA Science Center, as representatives of the wider North American astronomical community.

  • Meredith HughesWesleyan University (2023)
  • Jin Koda, Stony Brook University (2021)
  • Stefanie MilamNASA/GSFC (2024)
  • Alexandra PopeUniversity of Massachusetts Amherst (2023)
  • Erik RosolowskyUniversity of Alberta (2023)
  • Kazushi SakamotoAcademia Sinica Institute of Astronomy & Astrophysics (2024)
  • Kate Su, University of Arizona (2021)
  • Stephen White, Kirtland AFB (2021) NA ASAC Vice-Chair; ANASAC Interim Chair

Bold = Member of ALMA Science Advisory Committee (ASAC)

Additional information on the ANASAC can be found on-line at:  https://safe.nrao.edu/wiki/bin/view/ALMA/AlmaNorthAmericanScienceAdvisoryCommittee


The NRAO Visiting Committee

The NRAO Visiting Committee is appointed by the AUI Board of Trustees to review the management and research programs of the Observatory. The Visiting Committee meetings are held at alternating NRAO sites. The current membership of the Committee is:

  • Paul Gueye, Michigan State University (2022)
  • Brian KeatingUC San Diego (2022)
  • Paul LaMarche, Princeton University (2023)
  • Adam Leroy, Ohio State University (2023)
  • Patricia McBride, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (2021)
  • Joan Najita, National Optical Astronomy Observatory (2023)
  • Rafael A. Rodríguez Solís, University of Puerto Rico (2023)
  • Greg Taylor (Chair), University of New Mexico (2022)
  • Belinda Wilkes, Chandra X-ray Center (2021)

The Visiting Committee Charge (pdf).