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NRAO Coronavirus COVID-19 Response > news > NRAO/GBO update - Wed May 6th

NRAO/GBO update - Wed May 6th

This is week eight in Infectious Disease Operating Status (IDOS). The North American NRAO/GBO instruments are all operational. IT systems are performing well. We are planning to remain in IDOS until Monday, June 1st 2020.  In Chile, the Joint ALMA Observatory has begun planning to bring ALMA online in coming months.

There are no new reports of NRAO or GBO staff receiving medical care for COVID-19. Please contact Jody Bolyard jbolyard@nrao.edu) or me if you need more information regarding COVID-19.  Please remember to wear a face covering if you do enter one of our facilities.

Businesses and other functions are beginning to open across the US, including NRAO/GBO-relevant areas. It is strongly recommended you and your families continue avoiding public places, wearing face coverings when in public, maintaining physical distance separations (6 ft+), avoiding potentially contaminated surfaces and items, and practicing regular hand washing and sterilization. From a work perspective, we are being successful developing our office and field protocols to enable more safe activity in our facilities in coming months. In the next day or two you will receive a note announcing two zoom all-hands meetings on May 21st where I will discuss our planned exit of out IDOS early in June.  What we’re aiming for are plans that can be modified to cope with whatever happens across the nation in coming months. It is difficult to know how the current return to work changes across many industries will impact the infection rates – I have included a nice summary of potential scenarios. Food for thought.

My next note will be Wed May 13th.   Any staff member with questions, concerns or comments, please contact your supervisor, Department Head, Site Director, or me. As this situation continues, new challenges will emerge and I welcome hearing from you if there is something we can help with, or you have suggestions. The website containing all our COVID support information is:https://info.nrao.edu/covid-19

Tony Beasley