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GB - Accidental 911 Call Procedure

What to do if you accidentally dial 911 in Green Bank.

What happens if I accidentally dial 911? (this can easily happen when dialing 9-0-11 for international numbers!)

If you realize that you have accidentally dialed 911, DO NOT HANG UP – wait for the 911 Operator to answer and inform them that there is no emergency.  If you DO hang up then the 911 Operator will call back to determine if there is an emergency or not.  Also, every time a 911 call is placed from a GB phone, multiple NRAO staff members are immediately alerted and will attempt to confirm that you are OK.

What should I do next?

If no one contacts you within 2 minutes of the misdialed call, please attempt to let us know that you’re OK by calling Michael Holstine at x2231; if after hours please call Mike at 304-799-2225. If Mike does not answer your call (Office or home), please call Christine Plumley at 304-456-4374.  You can let them know you are ok and the 911 call was an accident.

What if I really meant to dial 911?

If you do need 911 help, just stay at your desk & try to remain quiet & as comfortable as you can. You should know that someone is trying to find you and that the emergency services have been alerted!

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