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Accessing Files

How to access files on NRAO systems. Details for filers, web servers, samba, etc.

Accessing Files

This page summarizes how to access files on the NRAO network.



NetApp Filers

Each site uses a NetApp filer to store critical files. Access to these filers is available from all three platforms. The system names are:

AOC aocfiler
CV cvfiler
GB gbfiler



Network home directories

Each user has a network home directory for storing files and documents. Files in this area are store on the site's NetApp filer and are backed up and protected against loss.


/users/<username> smb://<filer>/<username> \\filer\<username>



User web areas

NRAO users are provided with an individual web home area on their respective site's web site for the purposes of building a professional web site. These sites may be viewed at the URL:


The files may be accessed via one of these methods:

AOC ~/public_html/ smb://samba-aoc/public_html/ \\samba-aoc\public_html
CV ~/public_html/ smb://cvfiler/public_html/<user> \\cvfiler\public_html\<user>
GB ~/public_html/ smb://samba-gb/www.gb.nrao.edu/homes/<user> \\samba-aoc\www.gb.nrao.edu\homes\<user>



Web server files

Most NRAO web servers can be accessed via NFS or SMB to create/update files. CV and GB's samba server offer access to most web server file areas. CV's samba server offers only a few with most CV web server serving files via smb directly.

The following web sites should be accessed directly on the running server (\\web.site.name\web.site.name):

  • www.nrao.edu
  • www.cv.nrao.edu
  • library.nrao.edu
  • webapps.cv.nrao.edu
  • webtest2.cv.nrao.edu
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