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Wellness Programs and Information

NRAO Wellness

A resource for staff and their families

Welcome to Wellness!

Wellness is much more than just physical, it is your overall feeling of well-being including peace of mind, healthy relationships and work-life effectiveness.

NRAO supports employee wellness through a variety of benefits, programs, and resources. We are looking for inspiring ideas to boost wellness involvement across the Observatory. Visit our ideas form to submit your suggestions.

For more information on Wellness Reimbursements and upcoming events, please see below.





Looking for a way to relieve holiday stress and maintain balance? Health for the Holidays is a great way to help you and your colleagues feel your best through the holiday season. In this lighthearted wellness campaign, you will 'paint' engaging winter scenes from around the world, and build sustainable health habits, to help you feel your best!

This online program will last four weeks beginning on Monday, November 19th and ending on Sunday, December 16th. You can participate as an individual or you can create teams of 3-5.

Device integration will help you track all of your activities. When you create an account, there will be an option to connect your device on the getting started page as well as under Settings. For Fitbit, participants will need to enter their Fitbit account credentials and the device will begin to sync. The program also connects to garmin, apple and yoo.

**Please remember you can also log manually! Please join us even if you cannot use a fitness tracking device.


You may begin logging your information on Monday, November 19th. If you have not yet used your $150.00 wellness reimbursement for this fiscal year, you can use it to purchase a fitness tracking device! You can also log your activities manually by logging into the site. Questions should be directed to the Health for the Holidays "help" button through the portal. Customer service will respond within one business day.

    Each week a winner will be selected at random for a $75 gift card! To enter, you must earn 15 inches of snow per week.

      We hope you enjoy this winter fitness challenge!




      Wellness Survey Results are now available!

      NRAO Ergonomic Self Evaluation Forms





      Activate your MyCigna account today! MyCigna allows you to track your health, store personal information, review coverage, keep track of claims and balances, and monitor your Health Savings Account (HSA) or Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA).


      Complete your health assessment to identify health risks and get personal information on how to improve your health!

      New Mexico


      West Virginia

      Astrophytness - New Mexico Wellness



      NRAO-NM will be hosting a flu shot clinic on Tuesday October 9thth.  If you are interested in participating, please bring a completed Vaccine Consent and Assessment form AND a photocopy of your medical insurance card to Connie in Human Resources by COB Friday, September 28th.


      The 2018 flu vaccines will be administered on October 9th with the first stop at the VLA at 11:30 a.m., and the second stop in the DSOC Auditorium beginning at 2:00 p.m. and ending when all the shots have been given.


      Flu Shots will be held on Thursday, October 25th in the Auditorium from 8:30 to 10:30 am.

      RSVP here:


      Yoga Class will be held every Wednesday at 11:45 AM in the CV Auditorium.


      Flu Shots will be held on Friday, October 26th from noon until 2pm in the Cafeteria.

      Upcoming Events



      Wellness Reimbursements

      NewAssociated Universities will reimburse employees $150 on a fiscal year basis for eligible wellness expenses. These expenses include:

      • Gym memberships- ACAC Corporate Membership; UVA Membership; NMT Membership
      • YMCA memberships
      • Weight Watchers/Jenny Craig etc. dues
      • Activities such as races, registration fees, and training classes are eligible for reimbursements. Please see HR for reimbursement qualifications.

      Memberships for spouses or dependents are NOT eligible for this reimbursement.

      To receive reimbursement, complete the Wellness Claim form along with a receipt and proof of payment to your local HR office. Questions about qualifying expenses should be directed to Denise Merricks in the benefits office.

      PLEASE NOTE: This reimbursement is considered taxable income and will appear on your pay stub.