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Tania Burchell

Tania Burchell

An Eccentric Orbit Around Astronomy

July 1, 2015

About Tania

Tania Burchell is the interim Assistant Director for Education and Public Outreach at NRAO. She holds a degree in astrophysics from Harvard University with research experience in radio, optical, and X-ray astronomy -- but happily leaked out of the academic pipeline to spend the past 25 years teaching and communicating science at world-class facilities. Before coming to NRAO, Tania routinely presented space topics on international television and radio, taught in K-16 classrooms in three countries, presented STEM stories live (and as a hologram) daily on stage, developed exclusive exhibits seen by hundreds of thousands of people, launched the first diversity in STEM initiatives in the UK, and produced hundreds of digital learning products for general audiences. Now, she uses her experience to lead the talented team that delivers a myriad of STEM stories and programs based on NRAO science and technology that are explored and enjoyed by millions of learners every year.