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NAC III Program

2015 NAC IV Workshop Goals

  • To bring NAC students, mentors, and representatives from HBCUs and majority Universities together to provide opportunities for networking
  • To introduce NAC students to representatives of observatories, government agencies, and professional organizations
  • To give NAC students an opportunity to share their summer research experiences with their peers, and with influential members of the larger Astronomy community


NAC III Program

Are you presenting?

In order to help the program go smoothly, and to minimize delays, we’d like to ask all presenters to do two things:

  1. Please upload your presentation to this site: https://osf.io/view/naciii/ - using the ‘talk’ email address naciii-talk@osf.io
  2. Bring your presentation on a thumb drive, preferably having it ready first thing Saturday morning, in case there are changes to the program, or unexpected technical difficulties


Presentations and Links

8:40 AM
Breakfast/Logistics (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)
8:45 AM
Welcome NAC and Howard University
Marcus Alfred, Howard
9:00 AM
Tony Beasley, NRAO Director & Phil Jewell, NA ALMA Director
9:10 AM
AUI AUI NAC 2015 Presentation John Mester, AUI/Tim Spuck
9:20 AM
NSF STEM Opportunities at NSF
Pat Knezek, NSF, Deputy Division Director, Division of Astronomical Sciences
9:40 AM
Overview of NAC Overview of the National Astronomy Consortium Kartik Sheth, NASA
10:00 AM

Cville Mentor Overview NAC 2015 NRAO - Charlottesville
Drew Brisbin, NRAO
10:10 AM
Cville 2015 cohort reports
5 x 10 mins
Jonathan Barnes, Norfolk State Metallicity Structure of the Milky Way Disk
Bridget Kayetisi, Hamilton College Star Formation Rate in the Solar Neighborhood and Beyond
Beverly Thackeray-Lacko, CSU-San Bernadino The Circumnuclear Starburst Ring in NGC 1097
Michelle Nowling, University of Houston [NII] Line Emission in High Red-shift Galaxies
Linnea Saby, Piedmont Valley Community College The Value of Methodical Management: Optimizing Science Results
11:00 AM
Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)

11:15 AM
Socorro Mentor Overview Socorro NAC Overview Laura Perez
11:25 AM
Socorro 2015 cohort reports
5 x 10 mins

Tierra Candelaria, College of Idaho
Temperatures of Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center
Kevin Gima, UMd College Park
Circumnuclear Disk, Sagittarius A* & the NAC experience

Elizabeth Gutierrez, Villanova University

The Spatial Distribution of Large and Small Dust Grains in Transitional Disks

Antonio Porras, UNC-Chapel Hill
In Search of Binary Supermassive Black Holes
12:25 PM
Lunch Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)

1:30 PM
Alumni Voices
2 x 10 mins

Moiya McTier Flying Astronomy Airlines
Brianna Thomas NAC Alumni presentation
2:05 PM NANOGrav NAC Partnerships with NANOGrav and Green Bank Ryan Lynch, NRAO
2:15 PM
GSFC Mentor Overview NASA Goddard Astrophysics Overview Padi Boyd, GSFC
2:25 PM
GSFC 2015 cohort reports
4 x 10 mins
Caroline "Cee" Gould, UC Berkeley
Junellie Gonzales Quiles, UMd College Park Tracing the Galactic Center using Bremsstrahlung, Synchrotron, and Thermal Emission
Ameer Blake, Howard University Cubsat Exploration: A Plan for Finding New Exoplanets in the Beta Pictoris System
Qiana Hunt, University of Alabama - Huntsville Analysis of Fermi Source 3FGL 2015.6+3709
3:05 PM
Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)

3:50 PM
APS Diversity/Bridge Program
APS Bridge Program and National Mentoring Community Arlene Knowles, American Physical Society
4:00 PM AAS
The American Astronomical Society: A brief for Young Astronomers Kevin Marvel, AAS
4:10 PM Center for the Advancement of Hispanic in Science and Engineering Education (CAHSEE) Charles Vela STEM paradigm Charles Vela, Executive Director, CAHSEE
4:20 PM
NASA Students and PostDocs at NASA
Aki Roberge (NASA)
4:40 PM
Wisconsin Mentor overview Wisconsin Mentor Overview Aleks Diamond-Stanic
5:10 PM
Dinner Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)


8:00 AM
Breakfast Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)


Wisc Cohort

8:45 AM Peter Doze Discovery and Characterization of Galactic Ionized Nebulae with WHAM
8:55 AM Ryan Hubbard Extraplanar DIffuse Ionized Gas in a Sample of MaNGA galaxies
9:05 AM
STScI Mentor Overview
Lou Strolger
9:15 AM
STScI Students

3 x 10 mins
9:15 AM
Chima McGruder, University of Tennessee - Knoxville Resolving Volcanism on Io with AMI
9:25 AM
Myles McKay, South Carolina State University Studying the Magnetic Activity of Ultracool Dwarfs
9:35 AM
Miona Short, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9:45 AM
Fisk-Vanderbilt Master's-to-PhD Bridge Program Rudy Montez
10:05AM Break
10:15 AM PING PING Overview
Ashley Gordon
10:25 AM
Ashlee Wilkins/Katie Jameson, UMD
10:35 AM
NC A&T State University
Progress and Development of a Template Space Science curriculum Abebe Kebede
10:45 AM Adria Peterkin, Howard University A Summer in the Midst of the Skies
10:55 AM

NRAO Program Management
Optimizing Science Results Lory Wingate
11:05 AM

NRAO Central Development Lab Engineering Opportunities at the NRAO’s Central Development Lab John Effland, Morgan McLeod
11:15 AM National Society of Black Physicists NSBP Overview Paul Gueye, President, NSBP
12:00 PM
Lunch Break (Role Model filming/signing TEVs)


1:15 PM
Executive session (NAC Advisory) / Planning next steps
Faye Giles, Facilitator
3:15 PM