Diversity Spotlight

You make the difference

Rafael Hiriart

Rafael Hiriart, is the ALMA Subsystem Team Leader in Socorro, New Mexico. "I feel this is a good place to develop a career. I'm working on things that I find exciting."


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Juanita Banda

Juanita Banda, a first-generation Mexican-American began her career in electrical engineering with NRAO as an ALMA engineer based in Tucson. She says that NRAO gives her "the freedom to explore new ideas and different paths."

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Stefan Michalski

Stefan Michalski, ALMA Front End Components team manager, brings his German/Canadian perspective to promoting diversity at NRAO in Charlottesville.

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Faye Giles, right, with Cynthia Allen, left

Cynthia Allen, AUI Diversity Officer, pictured here with Faye Giles, affirms that "AUI and NRAO are committed to diversity and inclusion within their workforces and within the science, engineering and public communities their missions touch."

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Aaron Evans

Aaron Evans, NRAO Astronomer, partners with Howard University to provide opportunities for young African-Americans. “The hope is to get students involved in research during the academic year or through summer internships. It’s likely that students would come from all over for that.”

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Kartik Sheth

Kartik Sheth takes time from his research on galaxies to mentor students as a diversity advocate working with minority serving institutions that provide opportunities in research. He advises students to "be single-minded and focused."

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Deepika Nagaraj

Deepika Nagaraj works on the ALMA Band 6 project as a software engineer developing data analysis software. "I work at a wonderful place with amazing people and being a woman has never been an issue for me," she says.

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Fay Giles

Faye Giles, Employment and Diversity Manager, discusses NRAO's diverse opportunities. “This is a really great place to work. It’s collegial, an environment for learning, collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The dynamic work that takes place is amazing!”

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Fred Lo

Fred Lo talks about his path from science student in Hong Kong to former Director of NRAO. "We’re all somewhat involved in teaching, and we pride ourselves on having a largely academic attitude and tradition.”

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Eugene Cole

Eugene Cole inspires students as a representative for the field of radio astronomy when not on the job as a Project Controller at the EVLA. He believes that minorities should "strive to enrich our understanding of the mechanisms of being technical professionals."

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Shilpa Bollineni

Shilpa Bollineni, who began at NRAO as a post-graduate intern and was hired as an electronic engineer, talks about the importance of mentors in developing confidence and ability. "The atmosphere here is very friendly and people are very open."

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