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NRAO NINE Application Form

About the NINE Training

The NINE training program is intensive, and requires significant attention to detail. Please be aware that the program has an aggressive schedule and will require the trainee to meet firm deadlines for completion of tasks. The NINE training includes fun and exciting experiences and opportunities - but participants must be prepared to work hard to meet the program's exacting demands.

NINE Application

Please send the following information, by email, to odi@nrao.edu:

Contact Information

Name (First, Middle, Last):

E-mail Address:

Telephone Number:

Web Page URL (if appropriate):

Background Information

US Citizen/Perm Resident Status (Yes/No):

If non-US Citizen, will a Visa be required (Yes/No):

Educational Information (Please list current trade school, college, or university first):

Work Experience (Please list most current experience first):

Languages and fluency (NOTE: English fluency is an important success criteria for this program):

How did you learn about the NINE Program:

References (recommendation letters and/or reference interviews) will be requested during the initial pre-selection process. Do not include at this time.

Personal Essay

Please describe in detail:

  • your background (we are particularly interested in learning about how your background relates to your interest in this Program)
  • interest in the process and study disciplines
  • explain why you feel you would be a good candidate for this program
  • describe what you hope to learn from this program
  • outline how you will use the experience to implement and/or improve the radio astronomy environment in your home location
  • describe how you anticipate acting in the role of the trainer upon your return home
  • describe your vision for developing the NRAO NINE hub at your site upon your return home
  • Tell us anything else that you would like us to consider

Contact information & Letter of Agreement

  • Full name and title of sponsor at your home institution (someone who is authorized to sign the MOU, or can ensure that it is signed by the proper authority)
  • IMPORTANT: A letter of agreement confirming that your home institution is prepared to support your efforts to create a Hub (as outlined in in Step 4 here) is required for acceptance into the program. A template for the Letter of Agreement is available here.

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