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Howard University

In fulfilling one of the broadening participation and diversity initiatives, NRAO has partnered with Howard University to develop a program that establishes internship and mentoring relationships with universities that graduate diverse students in the fields of engineering and science. According to Section 4.6.2 in the Action Plan for Broadening Participation, “The relationship that NRAO plans to build with Howard University will become a model for building similar relationships with other diversity-oriented universities”.


Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

Former NRAO Director, Fred Lo, second from right, with Diversity and Employment Manager, Faye Giles, far right, and a group of children from the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Virginia

The NRAO established a partnership with the Boys & Girls Club to create STEM opportunities for underrepresented youth in the community.


Center for Chemistry of the Universe (CCU) LSAMP

Over the past several years, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Virginia (U.Va.) have been working with the Virginia-North Carolina Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (VA-NC LSAMP) on a summer research program targeted at under-represented minority early career undergraduates. This program began as part of the NSF funded Center for Chemistry of the Universe (CCU) diversity and broader impact initiative. Both the CCU and the VA-NC LSAMP are NSF-funded partnerships with multiple institutions. There are over forty LSAMPs across the country. The VA-NC LSAMP, in its fifth year of a phase one, five-year grant, is well-positioned for its application for funding as a Mid-level Alliance. With U.Va. as the lead institution, the Alliance is comprised of four majority institutions in Virginia and four Historically Black Colleges and Universities in North Carolina whose goal is to increase significantly the number of underrepresented minorities receiving baccalaureate degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Collaboration between NRAO and the VA-NC LSAMP will deepen NSF’s footprint at the involved institutions.

Students participating in Center for Chemistry of the Universe programs


African American Teaching Fellows (AATF) Charlottesville-Albemarle

The mission of the AATF is to recruit, support, develop and retain a cadre of African American teachers to serve the schools of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. In 2007, Charlottesville students were 46% African American, yet only 15% of the teaching staff was African American. The NRAO established a partnership with AATF to provide financial support for two Fellows. One of the Fellows was awarded the NRAO Science Fellow to support her in teaching science. This will assist NRAO to build a pipeline to support science careers in the community and aligns with our broader impact initiatives.


Archer Center




NRAO Support Scientist, Alison Peck, with an international group of scientists and students

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) is an NRAO-led effort that brings together scientists, engineers and students from East Asia, Europe, North America and the Republic of Chile where it is currently being constructed. NRAO Support Scientist, Alison Peck, PhD, comments, "I love the example of diversity these photos represent." Pictured with Dr. Peck, far left, are visiting scientists from Japan and the European Southern Observatory (ESO) along with students and engineers from North America.

NRAO Support Scientist, Alison Peck, with an international group of scientists and students
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