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Radio Astronomy Middle-school Path to University Physics (RAMP-UP)

About the RAMP-UP Pilot Program

RAMP-UP is a collaboration between NRAO, Hampton University, and the Hampton City School District (HCS). This Hampton University/National Radio Astronomy Bridge Program aims to provide a pipeline between middle-school programs, like PING, and the NAC program by: (1) infusing a continuous exposure to physics and astronomy research for former PING and other identified students in the Hampton Roads area until 12th grade (2) present the students’ yearlong research at the annual NAC workshop and NSBP meeting to professionals, and (3) establish a research-based course in the Hampton City School District to provide research credits for high school students.

A pilot project is being developed to begin in the Spring 2017 with the following aims:

  1. High school students will perform astronomy baseline measurements for a recent NSF grant from the National Science Foundation to Hampton University that will study the impacts of comets on Jupiter. The grant is led by Dr. Kunio Sayanagi (PI, faculty in the Atmospheric and Planetary Science Department) and Dr. Paul Gueye (Co-PI, Chair, Physics Department);
  2. Evaluate the programmatic implementation of a research course within the Hampton City School District in collaboration with NRAO and Hampton University;
  3. Evaluate the feasibility to publish the research conducted during the Spring 2017;
  4. The high school students will attend the NAC workshop and present their results and experience. This experience serves to give high school students an opportunity to present their work in a professional setting, and also serves to expose the students to high-achieving undergraduate students as role models.


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