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Mac - Printing Tips

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Creating a Desktop Printer Icon

A printer icon located on your desktop, dock or finder will allow you to print documents by dragging them to the icon or check the print status by double-clicking.

  1. From "Applications/Utilities" enter the "Printer Setup Utility"
  2. Select the printer from the printer list.
  3. Select "Printers" then "Create Desktop Printer."
  4. Type a name for the printer and choose where to save it
  5. Click "Save"

Printing by Dragging

The following is a list of files that will print without first displaying a print dialog: pdf, ps, jpg, gif, txt.  These files can be rapidly printed by dragging the file to the printer icon. Set options for printing by holding down the "Option" key as you drag.

You can also print a document by dragging it to the Printer Setup Utility icon (in Applications/Utilities). The document is printed to your default printer.

To get a printed list of the contents of a folder, drag the folder's icon to the printer's icon or to the Printer Setup Utility icon.

Printing Format Tips

To preview the printed document, open the document you want to print, choose "File" then "Print," and  click "Preview."

If your document's formatting doesn't look right, here are several things to check:

  • Adjust the scale to 95% for web pages.  "Shrink Pages to Fit" may also be an option.
  • Correct the document's page settings by selecting "File" then "Page Setup".
  • From the document window, select "File" then "Print"." Choose "Options" from the "Copies and Pages" menu to see your settings. Select "Summary" from the pop-up menu, and ensure that the settings are in accord with the options you set. If not, click "Cancel", choose "File" then "Print", and check the options again.
  • Adjust your document editor's page layout options
  • If you are still having trouble, please contact the Help Desk.
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