Nicholas Hunt-Walker

Nicholas Hunt-Walker

Random Walking to the Stars

July 23, 2015

The common thread for many astronomers is that ever since they were young, they were always enthralled by the stars and since then have studied what they could to get into the field. For me, that is not at all the case. Through a series of wrong turns, dead ends, and chance encounters, I've been fortunate enough to find myself in the cosmos. In this talk I'll detail that journey, as well as how I've managed to push forward in a community alien to my own.


About Nick

Originally from the great state of New York, Nicholas Hunt-Walker is a graduate student at the University of Washington's department of Astronomy. He received his bachelor's degree from the City University of New York at York College in 2010 and, through a series of very fortunate events, became interested in astronomy and the lives of stars. Currently he lives in Seattle, working on the distribution of asymptotic giant branch stars throughout our galaxy while also helping manage the University of Washington's on-site planetarium. In his off-time he practices Capoeira and tries to see how data can describe our world.

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