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Employee Assistance Program


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EAP Overview

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Here to help

Here to help
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Employee Assistance Program

AUI provides access to its Employee Assistance Plan (EAP) at no charge to you. The services are also extended to your immediate family members. EAP personal advocates will work with you and your household family members to help you resolve issues you may be facing, connect you with the right mental health professionals, direct you to a variety of helpful resources in your community and more.

What is an EAP?

Who do I contact?

Services available

The employee assistance program (EAP) is designed to identify and assist you in resolving personal problems (e.g., marital, financial or emotional problems; family issues; substance/alcohol abuse) that may be adversely affecting your performance.

Our plan also includes a wide array of other services, such as nurse advice telephone access, basic legal assistance and referrals, adoption assistance, or assistance finding elder care services.


TOLL-FREE: 1-800-950-3434
WEBSITE: www.reach-eap.com
USERNAME: reach-au
PASSWORD: reacheap

Printable Flyer

    • A complementary component of work life, legal/financial and EAP benefits.
    • Accessed by phone, e-mail, instant message, or website.
    • Available anytime, any day.
    • 24 Hour Hotline with crisis services.
    • Always confidential.
    • No cost to you or your family to use the services.
    • No limit to the number of issues for which you may use the service

    *Employment-related legal issues are not covered.


    In accordance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA), Reach will follow the guidelines set forth in the Notice of Privacy Practices. As indicated in the Notice of Privacy Practices, Reach will not share any Protected Health Information regarding your involvement with the EAP with anyone, including your employer and your family members, without your prior knowledge and explicit consent. The exception to this is by a court order, the specific instances identified in the Notice of Privacy Practices, or the following situations that are mandated by both Federal and State law based on the professional judgment of your EAP Counselor:   (1) Threat of serious harm to self or others (2) Suspected child or elder abuse or neglect (3) A medical emergency   Ask your counselor to discuss these circumstances if you have any questions about confidentiality. Quality Control Review of the EAP may be conducted by an independent auditor, but personal information will never be disclosed to your employer without your explicit consent. Your use of the EAP is voluntary.

      Tips for Effective Communication

      • Use Active Listening: Demonstrate that you are listening by nodding, making eye contact and confirming what they have said.
      • Empathize: Put yourself in the other person's position. Imagine how they feel and show that you respect their point of view.
      • Use "I" Statements: E.g. "I feel frustrated." Rather than "You make me frustrated."  "I" Statements allow you to take a responsibility for how you feel and what you want.
      • Be Humble: See yourself as you really are, with both strengths and weaknesses. Don't talk to people as if you are better than them.
      • Stay Aware: Be thoughtful of what you say and avoid offending people. Do not talk over people or dominate conversations.
      • Use Appropriate Language: Be aware of the company your are in and use language that is acceptable to those people.

      Communication Graphic - Print and Post!


      Upcoming EAP Sponsored Newsletters and Seminars

      Our EAP sponsors monthly seminars and newsletters that are free to you and your family.  Below is the July Newsletter.   Stay tuned for upcoming seminars.



      Employee Assistance ProgramEmployee Assistance Program



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      Identity Theft Services

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      EAP 03-07-2018

      EAP 03-07-2018
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      EAP 03-21-2018

      EAP 03-21-2018
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      EAP 05-02

      EAP 05-02
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