Please check this page regularly for updates, especially as the date for the meeting draws closer.

How to enter the Blackburn Center - check below.

Shuttle to DCA

We have two shuttles scheduled to take you to DCA from Howard. The shuttle will pick you up here at the location shown below.  Please be there a little before the scheduled time for pick-up, and look for the following people to make sure that you're in the right place.

Tierra Candelaria

Confirmation Number 7445918

Pick-up: 12pm

Myles McKay
Santanu Banerjee
Bridget Kayitesi


Peter Doze

Confirmation Number 7445934

Pick-up: 1:38pm

Michelle Nowling
Chima McGruder
Peter Doze

Abubakr Hassan

Moiya McTier
Vivianna Rosero
Peter Frinchaboy
Ashlee Gordon

Omar McKinney

Deion Waddell



Role Model Filming!

NAC Students and Mentors — we need you!

What and/or who has influenced your choice of career? How has the NAC Summer program transformed you? What advice would you give to someone facing obstacles or doubting themselves in science?

If you’d like to share your story on camera to inspire future NAC interns and mentors, we want to hear from you! We are  producing online videos in time for the 2016 Winter AAS to raise awareness of the NAC and introduce you, our incredible role models, to a wide audience.

Be an inspiration! Please find the signup sheet near the inside door of the auditorium and write your name in a time slot — one name per slot. Show up across the hall in the forum, on time, and be ready to smile! Please find/email NAC alumna Elizabeth Gutierrez or NRAO's Tania Burchell for more information.

Finding the entrance to the Blackburn Center

If you're taking a cab:


Ask to be dropped off on sixth street and walk through the gate in the photo below. The photo itself is on sixth street near Cramton Auditorium. Walk straight through the gate; you'll run into Blackburn in about 80 m. Blackburn center has an enormous sculpture/fountain in front of it (2nd photo below).


Enter the main lobby glass doors to the left of the fountain. Once inside, the digital auditorium is down a hallway to the left.


gate Howard

Shuttle from Airport to Hotel

If you made flight reservations through Lyndele, you should have received a copy of your Super Shuttle reservation confirmation to take you from the airport to the Cambria Suites.

If your flight arrives after about 10pm, you'll need to take a taxi to the hotel. In that case, please keep the receipt, and we will reimburse you for the taxi.

Please have your phone on, and follow the instructions in the confirmation.  If we've made shuttle reservations for you, we won't be able to reimburse you if you miss your shuttle, or decide to take a taxi (unless you arrive after 10pm).

For more information about SuperShuttle, go to their FAQ: http://www.supershuttle.com/About/FAQ

Return to DCA on Sunday

Please  fill out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/12U91dmzV-XZ5GlpycNsIX4HHylhlI3-P_0mLukBrmdw/viewform

We'll use this information to schedule shuttles from Howard University to DCA.  Please note that the last shuttle will leave at around 3pm. Because we are prepaying for this service, we won't be able to reimburse you should you choose to travel to the airport another way. If you are a NAC student or mentor with no other support, we will be giving you a modest per diem that can be used to cover a taxi or metro, should you choose to use it for this purpose. If you don't fill out this form by noon on Saturday, August 28th, you'll miss out on this opportunity to get a 'free' ride to the airport.

Meeting Location

Blackburn Center, Howard University

  • Digital Auditorium for meeting
  • Gallery Lounge for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks on Saturday
  • Room 148/150 for breakfast, lunch and am break on Sunday

See map below for more details.

Internet Access

There will be wireless internet access. User name and password will appear when you connect at the Blackburn Center


Parking in Howard Campus lots is free on both Saturday and Sunday.

Metered, on-street spots are free on Sunday only.


We'll be meeting in the Digital Auditorium and Gallery Lounge in the Blackburn Center at Howard University.

Directions to the Blackburn Center - Driving from Washington/Maryland/Virginia & from Dulles/DCA/BWI

Walking and bus directions are pictured below. Cab/Uber fare would be about $5 (not reimbursable, but you can use your per diem to cover this, if you choose to do so).

Directions from hotelBlackburn Center close-up


Blackburn expanded

Meals and Breaks

All meals and breaks, beginning with Saturday morning breakfast, and ending with lunch on Sunday, will be provided by NRAO.


If NRAO is providing support for your travel to the NAC III workshop, please see this page for information about reimbursements.

Hotel Accommodations

DEADLINE for hotel:  Tuesday, August 11th.

A room block has been held at the Cambria Suites hotel near Howard University. If hotel reservations have been made for you, your confirmation information will be sent along with the final logistics email.


Airfare - all invited NAC Students (and NRAO-sponsored Mentors)

Deadline for airfare purchase: August 13th

Please contact Lyndele at lvonschi@nrao.edu to arrange for pre-payment of your airfare, if you will be flying into D.C.  Please read the following instructions carefully:

If you’d like to propose an itinerary, please send the flight information, along with the following information, to me and to our travel agent, Vicki. Note that you should plan to leave after 2:30pm on Sunday, if at all possible, since a group lunch is planned at 12:00.  If you’d prefer for Vicki to select an itinerary for you, based on time and cost, just let us know that, too.

FYI: DCA is the closest airport to the hotel.

We’ll need the following:

  • Your name as it appears on the ID that you’ll present at boarding (very important)
  • Your date of birth
  • Gender
  • Your citizenship
  • Your cell phone number (for shuttle driver)
  • Your preferred itinerary (screen shot, or list of departure times/dates and airline flight number)
  • Your email address

Vicki will then send you an itinerary to approve. Just send an email back to her, letting her know that you agree to the itinerary, and we’ll purchase the ticket. Please review the itinerary carefully, as we cannot change the ticket after booking - and we are purchasing non-refundable tickets.


If you will be driving, please bring your round-trip mileage information to Lyndele when you sign your Travel Expense Voucher at the workshop. NRAO will reimburse you at a rate of .56/mile.


Please provide an estimate of train costs on the registration form, and keep the receipts. With receipts, NRAO can reimburse you for this expense.