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Internal Committee

Observatory Science and Technology Council

The NRAO Director appoints the Observatory Science and Technology Council (OSTC) members. The OSTC has the responsibility for providing the scientific and technical assessment of Observatory activities to ensure their prioritization maximizes the scientific and technical impact of NRAO and for facilitating and organizing an ongoing dialog between the scientific and technical staff on future directions in astronomy that are addressable by radio astronomy techniques.

The OSTC advises and reports to the Director.

The membership of the OSTC includes scientific staff members with a broad range in scientific and technical expertise.

OSTC members (Dec 2015)

  • Arielle Moullet
  • Betsy Mills
  • Bill Shillue
  • Bryan Butler
  • Claire Chandler
  • David Frayer
  • George Moellenbrock
  • Jim Braatz
  • Ken Kellermann
  • Rich Bradley
  • Scott Ransom
  • Urvashi Rao