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Toggle DND Setting

This document provides instructions on how to toggle the DND setting on the Polycom Group Series codec.

Auto-Answer Settings

The Polycom video conferencing systems used at the NRAO have three call settings:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Do Not Disturb

When set to 'Yes', the system will automatically answer all incoming calls. This would be the preferred setting if we didn't have to deal with spammers so, please, DO NOT SET THE SYSTEM TO "YES".

When set to 'No', the system will ring when an incoming call is detected. A user in the room will need to press the 'call' button on the remote to answer the call.

When set to 'Do Not Disturb', the system will not respond to any incoming calls - INCLUDING OTHER NRAO SITES. All calls will be ignored.


The auto-answer setting can be changed by any user via a menu system accessible through the system's remote. Unfortunately, on our newest devices, the Polycom Group Series codecs, the setting is hidden deep within the menu structure and can be difficult to locate.


Polycom Group Series codec

These units are the latest model being deployed throughout the Observatory. They can be most easily identified by the remote control, which looks like this:

This is the remote for the Polycom Group Series codec.

This is a much slimmer model with fewer buttons than previous Polycom remotes. Most features have been condensed into a menu structure that's accessible through a single button. Specifically, this one:

The 'Menu' button on the Polycom remote for the Polycom Group Series codecs.


In order to change the system's auto-answer settings, you will need to press the Menu button and navigate to the icon for the 'Settings' menu. This looks like a gear cog and it appears at the bottom-right corner of the screen. The navigation buttons on the remote look like a bunch of dots in a plus sign pattern:

A closeup of the navigation buttons for the Polycom Group Series codec.

Once you open the 'Settings' menu, select the middle option: 'User Settings'. On the left, navigate to the word 'Meetings' and you should see a drop-down menu appear for "Auto Answer Point-to-Point Video" on the right. This is the one you want to change.

To summarize:

  • Press the 'Menu' button
  • Go to 'Settings'
  • Go to 'Meetings'
  • Go to 'Auto Answer Point-to-Point Video' and configure as "No" or "Do Not Disturb".


Note: Multipoint Video is not enabled, so toggling the auto answer setting for multipont calls will have no effect.

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